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I've made incredible improvements and I now feel much more self-confident in English. I'm now able to speak more fluently in meetings, during conference calls and even in presentations!

Aude Vrana

Director in luxury food industry - France

A wonderful experience

Lynda Kassama, Affymetrix

Very pleased with the week and I want to continue to work with you

Michaela Morschel, Inform gmbh

Very happy with all the trainers and hosts, very happy with my progress

Yoshikazu Ostubo, Mitsubishi Electric

I achieved my objective, I have more confidence in social situations

Georges De Sousa, Universal Music

Very happy with my general progress

Atsuyuki Tomizawa, Daiichi Sankyo

The trainers are a very good team

Olivier Bastonero, Siemens

Very happy, I enjoyed the course, a good investment

Michel Smilovitz, Yoplait

An intensive week and a good atmosphere

Florian Smet, BMS

Your training met my expectations

Olivier Bernier, KD Feddersen

I want to come back next year!

Pierre-Jacques Martin, KD Feddersen

Your school is very good, I feel more confident and I have the tools

Laetitia Besnier, Aptar Pharma

I am now more spontaneous when speaking

Karine Cintas, Viiv Healthcare


A good week and a good experience, the whole system is great

Ines Mehler, IFM


I’m happy to see the improvement

Hélène Chevalier, Aptar


Good training, thanks a lot, I recommend it

Géraldine Peres, Siemens


The trainers adapted to my needs, perfect

Cécile Godfroi, Henkel

Everything is perfect

Claude Boulay, KD Feddersen


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