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Abbey Communication has built a reputation for high quality Business English language training for professionals over the last 25 years. During this time, we have enabled team members to develop not just their language skills, but their ability to communicate effectively in an increasingly international and multicultural landscape.

By making your team communication really count, we’ll help you work with the world differently. Our customised training and coaching courses range from English language immersion courses in the UK to International and Intercultural Communication programmes, which can be held on-site at our clients’ premises, anywhere in the world.

Need to use English at work? We can help.

In today’s global marketplace, English is increasingly the official language of business. More and more managers and decision-makers are using English to communicate with colleagues, customers and partners worldwide – a good command of English has become a key factor in employability and individual career prospects.

Is your lack of English holding you back? At Abbey Communication we can help you attain the language skills you need to do your job more confidently, effectively and successfully.

Our language immersion courses are tailored specifically to your individual needs, with high-quality training. The focus is on giving you practical language skills that are relevant to your work and career.

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Need to improve team communication? We can help.

Are international communication issues affecting your team’s performance? We have a deep insight into the communication challenges faced by international and intercultural teams who need to find common ground in the English language.

Our experienced trainers can help you overcome these challenges by giving you the knowledge and insight to identify problems, reconcile differences and build trusting relationships with the other members of your team.

By focusing on your intercultural and interpersonal – as well as your English language – skills, we can make a significant contribution to the effectiveness and productivity of your team, helping you maximise the benefits of working internationally.

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Learning with Abbey Communication: the key benefits

25 years’ experience in business communication

An experienced team of professional trainers

Full English language immersion courses in the UK

International Communication and Intercultural training

In-house training options at company premises worldwide

Online language and international communication courses

All programmes designed around individual and team needs

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