Abbey Communication Newsletter – Autumn 2015

David WoodNews

Autumn has arrived and we are reflecting on a successful summer with some good memories. We’ve been delighted to welcome new and returning course participants from France, Japan, Germany and Morocco, and look forward to welcoming course participants from new countries (for us) including Norway and Serbia.

Whilst our clients are international, we also like to support our local community. We sponsored Malmesbury Carnival, including the Malmesbury 10km race which our course participant Bruno enjoyed last year. We also welcomed some work experience students from Malmesbury School who are interested in a future teaching languages. As well as the local community, we are also proud of supporting other local businesses.


Every lunch time we visit a different restaurant or café in Malmesbury with our course participants, and on a Tuesday evening we usually go to the pub for a drink and to play pub games including Jenga or Skittles. Thursday evenings usually consist of dinner with the host families at a restaurant in a village near Malmesbury, and in the picture below you’ll see Mathieu, Taisuke and Virginie enjoying Abbey House Gardens.


Our course participants continue to come from an interesting range of businesses including pharmaceutical, engineering, electronics, automotive, retail and others.

Every Thursday morning our participants generally give a presentation about their job and industry, and, as part of the course, we help the participants prepare for their presentation by improving their language and presenting skills. For some of our students, it is the first time they have given a presentation in English, and it is a real achievement. For others, they may be proficient in giving presentations in their own language, and we help them gain the same level of confidence in English.


Talking of achievements… We are delighted to tell you that Sarah ran her first (and she says her last) full Marathon last Sunday in Bournemouth. We are enormously proud of her and are delighted to show you her medal.

Over the winter months we have business trips planned to Spain, France and Morocco. Let us know if you’d like us to come to visit you. We are always keen to build and maintain close relationships with our partners. Let us know too if you’d like to receive our price list for 2016, we are already taking bookings for the New Year.

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