Abbey Communication Newsletter – July 2014

David WoodNews

We had fun a few weeks ago making our promotional video – please take a look at it.

The video was made by Ben Thomas, son of our hosts Penny and Chris Thomas.  We think he did a really good job, we hope you like it.  Those of you who have been to the Horseguards pub in Brokenborough will recognise the dinner venue. Chris and Penny are also featured in the video, along with some very kind course participants who agreed to be filmed!  Thank you to everyone involved.


Summer in Malmesbury is always fun with the WOMAD festival at the end of July, and carnival month starting at the beginning of August which includes the Kite Festival and the wonderful carnival procession, as well as lots of music events.Last week we launched our Certificate in International Communication – an international training programme for managers and executives working in multi-national teams. Please tell your friends and colleagues about the programme.

Please click here to see the previous newsletter about the Certificate.

Otherwise our immersion training courses continue to go well, and our trainers send their best wishes to everyone they have worked with. We hope to see you all again one day in the future.

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