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I attended two weeks of training with Abbey in 2015 and 2017. All teachers provide bespoke lessons which cover the students' needs 100% - I only met kind and attentive teachers at Abbey. Their concept is based on total immersion and this is very effective. No matter whether you study in the classroom, have lunch or spend the evening with your host family, you will find yourself exposed to English everywhere. The input is incredible. I enjoyed every minute of my stay, so much so that another return this year is highly likely.

Rona Haas


Very good. Much more than my expectation. It was personal training. I feel more and more comfortable. All targets were met. I was very pleased to have a “British” week. The countryside is lovely. I really enjoyed the location and the people.

Florence De Iuliis, Autoneum, France

My week has been very positive for me. It has been very constructive and informative. It’s been intense, I have had to concentrate a lot, but it’s been easy as this is the best place to do that. The simulations are very necessary to be aware of your weaknesses and strengths. Sue and Chris (hosts) are lovely people and were available for me. They like what they do and they love people, the house is very comfortable. 

Celine Leclerc, Aptar Pharma

I've made incredible improvements and I now feel much more self-confident in English. I'm now able to speak more fluently in meetings, during conference calls and even in presentations!

Aude Vrana, Director in luxury food industry - France

A wonderful experience

Lynda Kassama, Affymetrix

Very pleased with the week and I want to continue to work with you

Michaela Morschel, Inform gmbh

Very happy with all the trainers and hosts, very happy with my progress

Yoshikazu Ostubo, Mitsubishi Electric

I achieved my objective, I have more confidence in social situations

Georges De Sousa, Universal Music

Very happy with my general progress

Atsuyuki Tomizawa, Daiichi Sankyo

The trainers are a very good team

Olivier Bastonero, Siemens

Very happy, I enjoyed the course, a good investment

Michel Smilovitz, Yoplait

An intensive week and a good atmosphere

Florian Smet, BMS

Your training met my expectations

Olivier Bernier, KD Feddersen

I want to come back next year!

Pierre-Jacques Martin, KD Feddersen

Your school is very good, I feel more confident and I have the tools

Laetitia Besnier, Aptar Pharma

I am now more spontaneous when speaking

Karine Cintas, Viiv Healthcare


A good week and a good experience, the whole system is great

Ines Mehler, IFM


I’m happy to see the improvement

Hélène Chevalier, Aptar


Good training, thanks a lot, I recommend it

Géraldine Peres, Siemens


The trainers adapted to my needs, perfect

Cécile Godfroi, Henkel

Everything is perfect

Claude Boulay, KD Feddersen


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