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Alex visits Japan for Global HR Forum

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Hi, Alex Morgan here, one of the directors of Abbey Communication. Recently I had the great pleasure of speaking at the Global HR Forum, run by Link Global Solution, in Tokyo.  The topic of my talk was “Why native speakers of English also need to learn how to speak Business English”, in other words, I talked about how native speakers of English need to learn how to adjust their communication style to fit an international audience. If you’d like more detail, I’ll be writing a blog on the topic shortly.

As well as talking at the conference, I was also lucky enough to see the stunning water lillies at Ueno Park, visit the fish market, eat Japanese style on the 46th Floor of a shopping centre overlooking Tokyo bay, and have dinner with friends in a Tokyo home.  I was looked after beautifully by our agent Nobuko, our friend Gaz and his colleagues at LGS and new friends Chie Shimizu and Chie Misumi. The Japanese hospitality is second to none, and is a wonderful part of their culture.

Alex Morgan business english expert from Abbey Communication visits Japan


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