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APTAR PHARMA | Severine Bilde

Business English course helped Quality Engineer secure the job she wanted

Severine Bilde
“English had been always important in my job but learning the language in my home country was not enough to give me the result I was hoping for. So, I decided to go for an immersion course at Abbey Communication in the UK. After one week of intensive one-to-one training in the mornings, and group discussion in the afternoons I felt my English had improved greatly.” 

Severine Bilde, Quality Engineer, Aptar Pharma

Company name: Aptar Group Inc
Industry: Healthcare Technology
Location: Global (Severine is based in France)

One Week Intensive Business English Course | Key Benefits
  • English skills and strategies for technical meetings
  • Lots of informal communication opportunities with host families and other course participants
  • Flexible starting points for learning English
  • Personalised course

About Aptar Pharma

Aptar Pharma is the Aptar Group business segment dedicated to healthcare technologies. They provide a range of specialised drug delivery devices, components and services.

The Challenge (Severine’s situation)

Severine was working as a quality engineer at Aptar. English had been always important in her job and she wanted to improve her skills. “I had English lessons in France (one-to-one tutoring) but I felt it was not enough to give me the result I was hoping for, I decided that I needed some kind of immersion course where I have an intensive training. I first came to Abbey in 2013 for a week.”.

The Solution (Severine’s experience of the training)

Severine told us that she really struggled at first… “From the first day in England, buying the train ticket was hard enough. I knew I could understand English, but I was better with the written form. Trying to understand real people in their real speed was very different. People in the UK have all different backgrounds and accents which made it even more challenging for me.”.

Luckily her training at Abbey Communication helped a lot. Intensive one-to-one training in the mornings and group discussion in the afternoons provided the right balance and plenty of practice. Severine says, “I liked the fact that the trainers at Abbey Communication had various backgrounds which made conversation more interesting and helpful. I think the most important thing to be a good language training centre is having good trainers. To me, a good trainer is someone with an open mind. Because of the quality training I received the first time around in 2013, I didn’t hesitate to come back to Abbey when I felt I needed to refine my English in 2016.”.

Severine has been on two intensive courses and stayed for a week on each visit.

Host family

Severine’s describes her hosts as incredibly welcoming and caring, “…they made me feel home” she says. “They also introduced me to lovely British food. Coming from France, I had heard only bad things about British food so that was a nice surprise! We also talked a lot in the evenings. I found speaking with my host family a very good way to get language practice.”.

About Malmesbury
Many course participants choose Abbey Communication for the cultural experience they get during their stay. On that point Severine comments: “I think Malmesbury is a nice place. I particularly liked some of the sweet little shops in the town centre where I picked up some gifts for my children. I may have wanted to be near a big town or a city if it was a long-term course because I would like to do some sightseeing of famous places. But for a short stay like mine, the quiet setting of Malmesbury worked fine.”.

The Outcome (after the training)

On returning to France after her first visit, there was a new project in the company that involved dealing with new plants in the Far East. Severine applied for the position and had a chat with the manager before getting the job. When asked whether she thought her English was good enough for the job, she felt confident to reply in the affirmative. She says : “I am still working on the project, and there are several colleagues from foreign countries so I am still forced (in a good way) to speak English every day.”.

Recommending Abbey Communication
Severine has gone on to recommend Abbey Communication to others: “Julie is a daughter of my godfather. When I was training to be an engineer, he helped me out, so I am happy to be able to give Julie help with her education. It is like paying back in a way. I heard she is pleased with the training she received but am yet to talk to her in person as we live 300km away from each other.”.

In summary, Severine tells us that the training she received has helped her professionally and personally. She also says her employers and the people round her have benefited too with her new found confidence and language skills.

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