Hosts Build Own House

David WoodNews

Jackie Morris and Tony Kellett have been hosting for Abbey Communication for many years. They took a break last year so they could build a new house!

Tony project managed the build and did a lot of the woodwork himself. Jackie is the gardener in the family and has created the beautiful garden in front of the house.

Tony said, “We wanted to create a Mediterranean feel and be able to open the doors and make the garden part of the house. Our guests seem to like it and are very complimentary.”

A talented couple, Tony enjoys working with wood and Jackie likes making the soft furnishings. When they have guests through Abbey Communication they are always generous with their time and enjoy sharing their hobbies and interests with their visitors.

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This means our course participants, as well as improving their English while they are in Malmesbury, may also learn to cook a new recipe with Jackie or go salsa dancing with Tony one evening!

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