English Language Immersion Training for Business

Abbey Communication’s professional English language immersion courses are tailored specifically to your individual needs, providing either one-to-one tuition or a combination of individual and group training. The course activities are varied and include discussions and simulations that mirror the real-life experiences you encounter in your workplace. The focus is on giving you practical language skills that are totally relevant to your work and career.

After conducting a needs analysis at the beginning of the course, your trainer will create a Course Plan that sets out the timetable and course contents for the week ahead. Each Course Plan is designed to take into account the demands of your role and your specific English language requirements.

A typical week will include a mix of listening exercises, discussions, vocabulary/grammar development, presentation practice and simulations – eg. telephone and conference calls, meetings and negotiations.

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Social and Everyday English

To be effective in business you must be able to take part in everyday social conversations.

Immersion training provides an ideal context for this. In addition to all the informal opportunities for conversation, we take advantage of the chance to develop language skills in lunches and breaks, dinners with hosts, organised walks, pub games and social evenings.

There’s always a lot to talk about, and it all contributes to a more idiomatic and confident use of English.

You’ll be in good hands…

Our trainers form a mature, professional and well-coordinated team, selected for their qualifications, their skills in teaching English to adults, and for their experience in business and commercial environments.

Most participants stay with a local host family, who will offer you a warm and welcoming window into UK society and culture. Returning home in the evening to your hosts will provide you with an invaluable opportunity to practise your conversational skills.

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Your immersion training choices

Immersion courses are available at all levels of English proficiency, from beginner level to more advanced requirements: to select the right course for you, first see our Guide to Levels. You can find out more about the different immersion courses we offer by clicking on the relevant links below.

Individual Course

An Individual Course provides 40 hours of intensive one-to-one Business English learning in both formal and informal settings. Your week consists of structured classroom tuition, including speaking and listening activities, together with private study time and additional contact time with trainers during breaks, lunchtimes and evening activities.

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Combined Course

A Combined Course provides half days of one-to-one training and half days of group training, from level B1 (lower intermediate) upwards. A cost-effective solution, with individual training tailored to your needs combined with invaluable practice in group interaction (eg. participating in meetings and conference calls).

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Time to Study Courses

A Time to Study Course provides a balanced immersion experience, with a combination of individual one-to-one training, tailored to your needs, and guided self-study sessions to help you consolidate and develop your language skills. Your weekly programme comprises 15 or 22.5 hours of intensive 1:1 training, depending on your preference, plus personal time for study and reflection.

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What our immersion programme participants say:

“Of the three English language schools I have attended, I can say Abbey Communication is by far the best in the quality of teachers, in human contact, and in the support of host families.”

Business Analyst, International Consulting, Japan

“Totally adapted to my needs.”

Quality Manager, Pharmaceuticals, France and UK

“Relaxed but focused, interesting and open-minded trainers.”

Managing Director, Architectural Consultancy, Germany and USA

“Trust me, I’ve made incredible improvements and I now feel much more self-confident in English. I’m now able to speak more fluently in meetings, during conference calls and even in presentations!

Their unique methodology works perfectly:

• Tailor-made professional programmes according to the level and the needs of the individual
• Small groups of 2-3 people and role-play games in business situations, plus one-to-one training
• Very intensive and non-stop English speaking: from 9.00am to 5.00pm, plus social English with the family, and evening activities
• Very professional: a final report with qualitative feedback
• Very friendly: small school headed by two extraordinary women, involved teachers, with a nice host family selection
• An excellent image: well-known school chosen by international companies.”

Aude Vrana, Director, luxury food industry, France.

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