English for… Finance Professionals

Aimed at senior Finance executives, this five-day course will expand your language skills through discussions, presentations, role-plays and financial vocabulary development.

Do you wish you had more confidence and impact in English?

The global economy is diverse and fast-moving and financial controllers operating in large multi-national companies need to react quickly, making key decisions, often involving resources worth millions. With English becoming increasingly important as the global language of business, financial professionals need to perform effectively with a good understanding of both spoken and written English.

Who is the course for?

Chief financial officers, controllers and other executives involved in the decision-making process within their companies as well as those who deal with international colleagues, the financial press or need to present financial information to investors and other key contacts.

Course Content

This is a five-day course based on the needs of the participants seeking to develop language skills through discussions, presentations, role-plays, and financial vocabulary development. You will receive feedback and detailed analysis to help improve ability in spoken and written English.

The course will include:
  • Developing the language of meetings and discussions, expressing opinions, making suggestions and using persuasion. Practising the language in role-plays.
  • Detailed analysis of company accounts and consideration of case studies. Comparing and contrasting different company results.
  • Presenting financial information in a clear and structured way. Dealing with questions.
  • Developing vocabulary associated with financial trends and improving understanding of the language of international finance.
  • Writing emails and financial reports.
  • English for describing the operation of stock markets and currency markets.
  • English for describing finance of foreign trade.

The Benefits
  • Improving your ability to operate in English within a financial environment.
  • Increasing confidence in dealing with clients in meetings and discussions.
  • Sharpening presentation skills and being more adept at handling questions.
  • Improving your skills in interpreting financial information and discussing financial trends.
  • Improving clarity and conciseness in written English.

Your trainers for this course are:

Phil Varley.

Phil has a background in finance and many years’ experience in designing and delivering Business English and English for Finance courses for senior executives from around the world. Phil is adept at managing international groups and has an engaging and easy-going style.

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