English for… Meetings

Meetings are a familiar and unavoidable feature of business life. This one-day workshop will give you more confidence participating in and managing meetings.

Attend meetings in English confidently. Join us for a fun, insightful and challenging language development class focused on improving your confidence and skill participating in meetings in English.

Do you want to feel more confident participating in meetings in English?

If English isn’t your first language, you may find participating and managing meetings quite tricky. We can help you feel confident with your English skills by giving you the language you need to get the most out of meetings. On our English for… Meetings day, we will also show you how cultural differences can affect communication in meetings and help you match your style to your circumstances. We will give you the language you need to build rapport, give opinion, interject, intervene, maintain flow, agree and disagree confidently and manage the meeting. Following the course, your colleagues and clients will be impressed with your clarity, confidence and cultural dexterity.

Who is the course for?

To participate in this day you need to be at least a B1 standard in English and be working, or intend to work, in an English speaking or international environment.

Course Content

Introductions: Starting a meeting with confidence: Find the English you need to make a successful start in meetings.

Meeting purpose: How to match your style and language to the purpose of the meeting. How to communicate the purpose of a meeting clearly. Find the language you need to clarify and challenge the key purpose of a meeting

Meeting context: How to understand the needs of the meeting participants and learn language tips to keep others engaged and focused during the meeting (including how to match cultural expectations, meet the needs of different personality types, understand ranges in formality and linguistic styles).

Meeting practice: Manage whole or part of a meeting, receive informative and constructive feedback relevant to your context regarding both the language you use and your style.

Language for managing difficult moments in meetings: Learn phrases to navigate tricky moments during meetings.

Concluding a meeting with confidence: Find the language to agree action points clearly and ensure all meeting outcomes are summarised and communicated.

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