English for… Negotiations

Do you want to feel more confident when using English at work? Need to negotiate with clients, suppliers and colleagues?

If English isn’t your first language, you may find participating and managing negotiations quite tricky. We can help you feel confident with your English skills by giving you the language you need to get the most out of negotiations. On our English for… Negotiations day we will also show you how cultural differences can affect communication in negotiations, and help you match your style to your circumstances.

Do you wish you had more confidence and impact in English?

We will give you the language you need to build rapport, state your case, give opinions, agree and disagree confidently and achieve win-win outcomes. Following the course, you will be able to navigate negotiations skilfully and successfully.

Who is the course for?

To participate in this day you need to be at least a B1 standard in English and be working, or intend to work, in an English speaking or international environment.

Course Content

Opening a negotiation: Get some useful phrases that can be used at the start of a negotiating scenario, getting the conversation or meeting off to the best start.

Establishing a relationship: get language and cultural tips for establishing relationships in negotiations.

Finding out needs: practise powerful questioning techniques to uncover to the real needs and align your position accordingly (including how to match cultural expectations, meet the needs of different personality types, understand ranges in formality and linguistic styles).

State your case/your position: ensure your language is clear and concise and your position can be understood well by all parties.

Look for win/win outcomes: learn efficient language for give and take, compromise, and agreeing positions.

Concluding a negotiation with confidence: Find the language to agree action points clearly and ensure all negotiation outcomes are summarised and communicated.

Your trainers for this course are:

Alex Morgan and Sarah Voller.

Alex is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and was previously Head of HR at a large UK company. Sarah is a Business English language expert and works with top international executives. Both Sarah and Alex are Directors of Abbey Communication.

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