In-house Training

Language tuition delivered at your company’s premises

It’s a familiar problem: you have members of staff who need to improve their Business English, but to enrol them all on an immersion course in the UK may be impractical or financially prohibitive. Now there is a cost-effective alternative. You don’t have to send your staff abroad to learn English – instead, we’ll come to you.

For companies and organisations who would like to increase business effectiveness by expanding their employees’ English language skills – but don’t wish to commit to a full UK immersion experience – Abbey Communication’s unique In-house training service enables you to gain the benefits of expert English tuition without the costs associated with travelling overseas.

If you choose an In-house option, representatives of Abbey Communication’s training team will come to your home country for a week (or longer) and conduct group training sessions at your company’s premises – wherever in the world you’re based. All you pay is Abbey’s training fee plus our travel and accommodation costs. We would typically send two team members for a weekly course.

Group language training for team members

The daily group sessions can accommodate up to eight employees, which means a greater number of staff can enjoy intensive, expert training for much less than the cost and disruption of sending them all abroad to learn. It’s a practical and economical solution, especially when budgets are tight or when it’s more convenient for staff to remain at their home base.

The sessions are designed to be practical, informative, engaging and interactive, focusing on the familiar areas of everyday working life where better English skills can really make a difference – for example, writing emails to colleagues and customers, talking on the telephone, conducting meetings and conference calls, holding negotiations and delivering presentations.

Our trainers are highly qualified and selected for their skills in teaching English to adults, as well as for their experience in business and commercial environments. Before the course starts, they will discuss the training needs of your team to get a clear idea of the areas of Business English you wish to improve, together with the specific roles and responsibilities of the participants. To get the best out of the In-house training sessions, participants would normally be at a B1 level in English or above.

Our In-house service also applies to our world-class International Communication and Intercultural Competence programmes, designed to help companies and organisations improve communication and intercultural awareness within their international teams.

We’ll also go to your UK offices…

Our In-house service doesn’t just apply to organisations based overseas. If you’re an international company with offices in the UK, or a British company that employs non-native speakers – perhaps temporarily – at their sites, then we will be happy to conduct group training sessions at your premises, wherever in the UK you’re located.

Foreign nationals who are resident in the UK, or who work here on a temporary basis, are often obliged to seek private lessons if they wish to improve their English. By contrast, Abbey Communication can provide a highly-focused programme that will enable them to quickly acquire the language skills they need to boost their effectiveness in the workplace and benefit their job and career – an excellent investment for any professional company.

The benefits of In-house training:
  • Your employees can take advantage of Abbey’s language training expertise without leaving their own country or work premises.
  • You save the travel and accommodation costs of sending numbers of employees to the UK to study – and with less disruption to your business activities.
  • Participants gain the rewards of a professionally-structured, week-long English course that is carefully tailored to their needs.
  • Groups of your staff will receive language training at the same time, enjoying the benefits of learning with others and improving their interaction with colleagues.
  • You can be confident that participants are receiving quality tuition from experienced, highly qualified Business English trainers.
  • Your employees can attend the daily group sessions while still being available in the workplace to handle company business, should they need to.
  • You can achieve measurable results in English proficiency without having to justify staff absence or a substantial training budget commitment.
  • UK-based companies can also benefit from our In-house training option – we will conduct English language courses at your own premises, anywhere in the country.

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