International Communication and Intercultural Competence

Helping you improve international team working by overcoming communication challenges specific to international teams.

Abbey Communication’s clients come from a wide range of sectors, professions and nationalities. But they all have one thing in common: they work in a global environment where business is regularly conducted across international borders and cultures, usually in English.

Our own research, carried out over 25 years of training professionals in business communication and business English, has shown that being able to work effectively in an international setting depends on more than English language skills alone.

Increasingly, successful team performance depends on the ability to skilfully navigate both organisational and national cultural differences, as well as communicating clearly in English with international colleagues and clients.

If you’re part of a multinational team with sites in various countries – or your organisation is planning to expand into international markets – you need to make sure you are well prepared for the cultural and linguistic nuances of the environment you’re operating in.

Business is, first and foremost, about people: their differences, their varied backgrounds, national customs and cultural ‘norms’, their unique ways of doing business, forming relationships and interacting with each other.

Understanding, sensitivity and a readiness to adapt are all essential qualities when conducting business across boundaries and cultures. We help organisations take advantage of global opportunities by equipping them with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in a dynamic multi-lingual landscape.

We speak the language of international business

Abbey Communication works with international companies and individuals who are looking to improve relationships and productivity in their international teams.

Our International Communication coaching and training programmes will help to enhance your intercultural awareness and improve team communication and leadership/management skills, enabling more effective interaction with colleagues, partners and clients.

These world-class programmes – designed specifically for you and your organisation – comprise a package of training and coaching sessions, business improvement projects and team building events, all at a time and place that suits you.

We will help you rapidly increase awareness of potential communication difficulties, language barriers and cultural differences, using tools such as the THT Intercultural Awareness Profile, the THT Intercultural Competence Profile and Insights Discovery Personality Profile.

We also offer a convenient ‘online’ training option, which provides expert face-to-face tuition to individuals or groups via virtual systems such as Skype or Zoom.

If you’re based outside the UK, our practical and engaging workshops can be conducted on-site in your own country by members of our highly qualified and experienced training team – wherever in the world you’re located. Courses held abroad would be for a minimum of three consecutive days.

Helping you work with the world differently

Being aware of linguistic and cultural differences can have a significant impact on the way you manage your team and conduct your business. By acquiring more intercultural understanding and new interpersonal skills, you will be far better able to avoid (potentially costly) misunderstandings and interact more sensitively and professionally.

Abbey Communication can help you see the world from other people’s viewpoints. By questioning preconceptions and embracing new communication styles, we’ll improve your ability to reconcile differences, build relationships, make decisions, influence behaviours and handle any potential conflicts with more assurance and confidence.

Whether you’re a native or non-native speaker, we can also help you with your use of English as the global language of business, exploring essential language structures that are most appropriate for communicating with an international audience across a variety of communication media and business functions – eg. international meetings, conference calls, presentations, team working etc.

We carry out thorough profiling and diagnostic assessment of your individual/business needs at the commencement of the course, allowing us to tailor the content to your specific requirements. You will be able to choose from a range of pre-designed training or coaching modules, or we can design a bespoke programme specifically for you.

Our international training and coaching workshops cover topics such as:

Operating across different cultures

Intercultural communication skills

Building better business relationships

International team building

Cultural and/or personality profiling and feedback (eg. THT Intercultural Awareness Profile and Insights Discovery Profile)

Understanding corporate/national culture

Multicultural team building and profiling

Presentation, negotiation and writing skills

Virtual communication

International conferences and networking

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Course Planning & Programmes

Are you a native English speaker?

A common observation by non-native English speakers on international teams is that when they’re in meetings, on conference calls or at social events, native English speakers can be the most difficult to understand – and the reasons can be more complex than just speaking too fast.

There are simple steps native speakers can take to improve international and intercultural communication in their team. By raising your awareness of the issues, we will help you acquire the interpersonal skills and behaviours needed to make sure you’re clearly understood by your international colleagues and clients.

Our workshops, held in the UK or your overseas offices, will explain the golden rules for using English internationally – such as avoiding jargon, idioms and obscure cultural references – to ensure that your meaning is always crystal clear when you’re speaking or presenting to native and non-native speakers alike.

Where are the courses held?

  • At your premises anywhere in the world
  • At your premises anywhere in the UK
  • At a high-quality training venue near you
  • Online using Skype or other virtual system
Learning with Abbey Communication: the key benefits

Improve the performance and productivity of your international team

Choice of group training or 1:1 coaching sessions

Practical course content covering essential business situations

Emphasis on intercultural awareness and competence

A strong focus on practical English language skills

Courses and programmes at your own premises anywhere in the world

Our International Communication and English language courses can transform the way you do business.

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