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Meet the team at Abbey Communication: Sarah Voller

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In this month’s blog post we find out more about Sarah Voller, one of the managing directors of Abbey Communication.

What are Sarah’s main areas of expertise?

With twenty years’ experience as an English language trainer, teaching in the UK and overseas. Sarah has considerable experience working with scientists, academics and members of the medical profession, helping them to develop international communication skills to communicate their research effectively with a wider audience.

What industry specific qualifications does Sarah have?

As well as a degree in Spanish, Sarah is a Certified Licensee with Trompenaars Hampden-Turner whilst also holding the DELE Superior for Spanish as a foreign language and the CIoL Diploma in Translation for Spanish to English. Moreover, as a result of living and working in Spain for a number of years, managing a business and completing teacher training there Sarah has successfully consolidated her interests and skills in intercultural communication.

What projects has Sarah been working on recently?

  • Developing communication skills in English in a Scientific Work workshop for Spanish medical professionals for presenting and networking at international conferences.
  • Presentation skills training for Cambodian students on MSc Sustainable Agriculture for UNICAM, a project implementing quality education and training in rural universities in Cambodia.
  • Scientific Outreach and Communication Skills training for University professors from Cambodia and researchers, teachers and stakeholders from University of Girona, Spain as part of the UNICAM project.
  • Trainer training in the area of Business English.
  • One-to-one coaching of a business professional, developing projects and creating opportunities to utilise her language and communication skills.
  • Business English training with various international corporations.

Who can benefit from Sarah’s skills and expertise

  • Academics and scientists who wish to develop their English language skills to develop their international career or communicate their research to a non-expert public.
  • Executives who are about to start or have just started an international role.
  • International teams and members of an international team wanting to improve English language skills and wishing to navigate the complexities of intercultural communication.

To discover how Sarah can help you and your business please email her at

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