Old Friends

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This year we’ve had a number of clients coming to Abbey Communication for a second or even a third time, our courses being key to their language learning strategy. One of our returners was Severine Bilde, Quality Manager from Aptar.

Séverine said, “The training (at Abbey Communication) changed my life. After the course, there was an opportunity to work on a global project so I decided to apply for this job. The interviewer asked me, “Are you afraid to speak English?” and I said, “No. I have done a training course in English.”

This job has given me the opportunity to travel, meet a lot of people and to share cultural differences. My trips (to the US, China and India) have brought a lot of laughs, peace, happiness and sunshine.”

Meeting in Italy

As you know, our hosts love to travel and meet people abroad, and from time to time meet up with past course participants.

In August, David and Jane Hide were in Milan, on their way back from a wonderful holiday in Lake Como, and took the opportunity to meet up with Carolina Geranzani and her husband Alberto. Carolina came to Abbey Communication in 2013, and has kept in touch with David and Jane since then.

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