Training for eating out and social situations

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In training we aim to help take the stress away by giving you the chance to develop and use your English for dealing with restaurant situations – and you also get to try it out for real in our local pubs and restaurants each day. Our trainers spend time helping you to understand menus so you can choose your lunch and support you when selecting from the ranges of different drinks to accompany your meal.

We are delighted when our course participants arrive with edible goodies from their home country to share with us and, as part of our informal training, we consider it our duty to introduce our visitors to traditional British cakes and biscuits at coffee breaks.

The benefits of host family accommodation

Our host families cook delicious meals which often surprise you and exceed your expectations of British food. Hosts sometimes even dedicate evenings to teaching you how to cook a traditional English meal, or enjoy learning from you how to cook a traditional dish from your country. Course participants return home with new vocabulary, new recipes and new skills which are not only linguistic!

It’s language for survival

We all need food – so survival in a newly acquired language must surely include being able to discuss our tastes, preferences and requirements. And, of course, food is part of our cultural identity – and yours – so what better place to start when connecting with someone from another country and when learning a new language?

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