Why English immersion training is even more effective in a rural location

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When choosing intensive immersion training, English language learners may be tempted to go to London or another glamorous city location. There is a lot to be said for the bright lights and excitement of a city experience, however it isn’t always the best in terms of learning English. Cities can be overwhelming, noisy and full of busy people who do not have the time or inclination to find out about newcomers and visitors.

Rural locations and small towns can often provide a friendlier, more relaxed environment for learning a language. Small towns like Malmesbury, where we are based, provide many more authentic cultural and language experiences. Locals will chat to our course participants in shops and in the street. Our hosts will take the course participants to their social events and clubs, where they meet neighbours and friends. The local pub experience is unique in a small British town, it’s easy to chat to strangers at the bar, and join in traditional pub games like skittles. The local cinema and museum are staffed by volunteers who are genuinely interested in visitors to the town.

All of this provides learners of English those valuable ad-hoc, authentic interactions that enrich the language learning experience. The course participant also learns and absorbs the cultural heritage of Britain via the small town experience.Combining this with training from professional Business English trainers who have international experience, and hosts who have worked for international organisations, makes a truly excellent all-round immersion course. Language learning happens best when the learner is relaxed and willing to take risks in a supportive environment, and we believe a rural, small town is the best choice.

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For more information on the beautiful town of Malmesbury click here.

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